Let Me Introduce Myself

Welcome to my blog, Words By Alice- a blog name which isn't particularly creative, or even entirely accurate (as I'm going to be sharing much more than just words), but I've wanted to start up a new blog for so long that I decided the name didn't even matter that much. I say 'new' blog for a reason; I had a blog for around 3 years called 'Style Comes From Within' which then became 'If You Like It Wear It' (obviously I had a thing for cringey, cliche names) which focussed totally on fashion content. I gave up on that blog around 3 years ago and have wanted to start blogging again pretty much since then. I went through periods of loving my previous blog and posting frequently and periods where I had nothing to post about and, therefore, didn't.

So, I've decided that this blog, Words By Alice, is going to have no particular category because my interests are so varied that I don't want to always have to be writing about the same thing and I know from past experience that if I'm very into music at a certain point, for example, then writing about fashion isn't what I'm going to want to do. Something that I always have, and probably always will, love doing is writing, which is how I came up with Words By Alice, a blog name that is totally unspecific and unrestrained. I'm going to be writing about everything from the books I'm reading to the clothes I'm wearing to the food I'm eating and much much more!

Anyway, now I've given, perhaps a slightly extensive, explanation of my blog name, I'll tell you a little bit more about myself. I'm 19 years old and currently studying English Literature at the University of Manchester, whilst spending my breaks from UNI, and some weekends, at home just outside of Liverpool. My interests are far and wide and include books, fashion, photography, music, veganism and many other things. At the moment I'm very into fashion and style and fashion blogs have always been my favourite to read, so I have a feeling the content on my blog might initially sway towards this end of things but we shall see!

I'm also a representative for the campaign Girls Against, which aims to end sexual assault at gigs and live music events. I run their blog which you can have a look at here and edit all of the blog posts that go up on the site; so once you're finished reading the posts on my site and I would definitely recommend you have a look at the blog posts over there because I can assure you that they are great! I also run a monthly book club for GA which I would love for you to join if you're interested; we read books centred around themes of feminism and intersectionality within feminism.

I have a cat called Harley who I absolutely adore (as you might be able to tell from the amount of love that the above photo exudes) and I'm very much an introvert- keeping up with those 'crazy cat lady' stereotypes. I love spending time by myself and would pick a night in over a night out any day. Although I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend of almost 2 years and my friends just as much as spending time by myself, I really need to be by myself, usually doing something creative, to re-charge, which is why I think this blog will be great for me.

These photos were taken in my room at home and I decided to take these photos here for this introduction kinda' post because, not only is my room at home much nicer than my room at UNI, but it's where I feel most like myself. I'm so lucky to have a nice big room with lots of natural light at home and it always makes me feel happy and motivated, especially when my little kitty is chilling in bed with me. And where better to get to know someone than in there own room hey? I tidied it a little bit for these photos but I'm naturally a bit of a messy person to be honest so I didn't go overboard, partly because I don't want to come across as false on this blog but also because I really didn't want to tidy my room (I'll never understand people who enjoy tidying).

I hope you've enjoyed this post and getting to know me a little bit! I'm not going to keep myself to a strict schedule with this blog as I study full-time at university and have a part-time job as a secondary English tutor. However I am hoping to post at least once a week so I will no doubt speak to you soon!

Also, if you'd like to, you can follow me on Twitter @aliceporterx and on Instagram @aliceporter16.

Jumper: Urban Outfitters (no longer available, similar here)

Jeans: Topshop

Watch: Casio