My Ideal Saturday


Happy Friday! I hope you're enjoying this beautiful sunny weather as much as I am and that you have a nice chilled out weekend ahead. Today I'm sharing an outfit from last Saturday and I'm going to be telling you all what I got up to during the day because it was my favourite type of Saturday ever- one that doesn't happen as often as I'd like. I was intending on including some photos of the day taken on my film camera with this post however I actually took some film to get developed on Saturday and it came back totally blank- a sure sign that my camera was broke, so I couldn't take any pictures on it that day. That was the only part of my Saturday that wasn't ideal. Anyway, some photos of my outfit will have to do for now- hope you don't mind!

I spent Friday night at my boyfriend's so woke up at his beautiful house in the Georgian Quarter of Liverpool, where these photos were taken. The Georgian Quarter is one of my favourite areas of Liverpool and I am unbearably jealous that Sam is renting a room in a student house there this year! We spent the morning lazing around in bed, watching the end of the film from the night before whilst eating crumpets, before getting out of bed just before lunch time to get ready for the day.

We then headed into the centre of Liverpool and our first port of call was Max Spielmann to get my film developed. At this point I was cheery and excited to get my film back (notice how I'm going to skip over the part where I collect my film to make sure this post stays true to its title). We then headed to Pret-A-Manger for lunch. Pret is my favourite place to go for lunch as they do so many great vegan options and are always switching them up and the food tends to be quite healthy, which is always a plus.

Then came my favourite part of the day- shopping! I wasn't intending to buy anything (famous last words) but did actually end up buying a chunky knitted jumper in Urban Outfitters (which isn't really appropriate for this week's heatwave but it's never a bad time to buy a jumper in the UK) and some more summery pieces in Topshop including this polka dot crop top, which I'm already getting my wear out of thanks to the heatwave, and this skirt.

Before heading home, we stopped for some ice cream at Paolo & Donato's- they do great vegan ice cream (and non-vegan too) and seeing as this was one of the warmest days so far this year (will I ever stop talking about the weather?), it felt wrong not to stop for ice cream. After we finished eating, we headed back home, stopping to take these photos on the way.

The evening seemed to come around really quickly, probably thanks to our late start, and pretty much as soon as I got back to Sam's, I was leaving again to meet my friends for some food and drinks in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle. We started off in The Botanical Garden- an outdoor gin bar which is so picturesque (although, ironically, I don't have a photo of it) and had such a nice atmosphere with great music. After one drink here, we crossed the road to the Baltic Market, a warehouse with various independent food stalls, a bar and live music. This is definitely one of my favourite spots in Liverpool and is just as good in the day as it is in the night so it's definitely worth a trip. I enjoyed a delicious veggie burger and chips (not quite as healthy as my lunch) and spent the evening chatting (and singing) with my friends. I've felt so lucky to be able to spend so much time with my friends who have been part of my life for 8 years, some of them more than that, over the Easter break whilst being home from UNI. I've been wanting to write a post about valuing friendship (and especially female friendship) since starting my blog now because it's something I've been thinking about a lot recently, so look out for that in the next few weeks (or possibly months depending on how efficient I am).

After my idea of a perfect day, I was home to my family and in bed by midnight, which honestly made it all the better because I bloody love a good early night (I'm such a 19 year old granny). I think I enjoyed this day so much because it was the perfect mixture of relaxed and busy, plus I got to spend time with lots of loved ones, and this is how I would spend every Saturday if I was able to.

I feel like I can't just not talk about my outfit when all of the photos in this post are based around it, so I'll tell you a bit about it. Starting from the bottom up, I recently picked up these Nike Cortez trainers in the ASOS sale because I've been looking for a pair of pastel-coloured trainers for a while now and these seemed to fit the bill perfectly. They are unbelievably comfortable. I am the most blister-prone person known to existence and I wore these for days at a time without breaking them in with no blisters in sight. I wasn't expecting them to go so well with this top but they really do and I feel like these co-ordinating pastels are what make this outfit so spring-appropriate. I didn't actually like these jeans/trousers from Topshop when they originally arrived on the post but, stupidly, I took the labels off and so couldn't send them back. But they've actually really grown on me now and I felt confident in them all day. Although it's not something that shows in my blog posts, I use tote bags almost every day because they're so practical and easy to wear. This one I picked up at one of Black Honey's shows a couple of years ago because I love the print (and the band) and it's lasted so well- the cost per wear is probably down to less then a penny, thanks to how often I use it and the low price.

I hope you've enjoyed hearing about my ideal Saturday and it's maybe given you some ideas as to how you can spend your weekend. I'd love to hear about what your perfect Saturday would sound like in the comments!

(Just a quick disclaimer- some of these photos were taken on my phone and others on my camera so sorry for the differences in quality/location!)

Top- Nobody's Child (old, similar here)

Jeans- Topshop (only available in petite and tall now)

Gilet- Topshop (sold out and can't find anything similar, sorry!)

Shoes- ASOS

Tote Bag- Black Honey Merchandise

Sunglasses- Warehouse (old, similar here and here)