Styling Red and Pink

When putting outfits together, I don't usually start with the colours I want to wear. I tend to consider the fit and style of certain items and how they will go together. However, recently, I've been seeing red and pink worn together everywhere and I love how it looks. So, as soon as I picked up these corduroy salmon pink trousers in the Topshop sale, I knew straight away what I wanted to wear them with.

This outfit in particular was inspired by an outfit put together by Sammi Maria which I saw on Instagram and immediately screenshotted, saved and, thereafter, couldn't stop thinking about. Sammi paired her straight leg pink cords with an oversized red jumper whereas I decided to go for a more slim fit red high neck jumper to match my wide-leg trousers. So I did change up the silhouettes a little bit even if this outfit isn't the most original thing you've ever seen.

I actually want to talk a little bit about the difference between taking inspiration and 'copying' when it comes to fashion and styling while we're on the subject though. I think what differentiates between the two is how you make it your own.  You could be wearing the exact same pieces, or just similar pieces, but, in my opinion, it's only copying if you style them in the exactly the same way without injecting any of your own style into the outfit. I like to think that with this outfit, although I put it together after seeing Sammi's outfit, I've styled it quite differently and made it fit in with my slightly more casual style. Its also super important to always give credit to those who have inspired you in whatever area of life/blogging that is. Giving credit where credit always helps to prevent any hard feelings and accusations of copying.

I paired my outfit with my trusty Old Skool Vans purely because this outfit was taken on a day full of walking and sight-seeing in Edinburgh and these are my comfiest shoes. They do look great with everything though and I think they add to the relaxed vibe of this outfit. I also added this bucket bag from Zara which I was particularly excited to wear with this outfit because of it's red inner lining, which compliments my top very nicely.

The belt was kind of a necessity because these trousers are slightly too big on me but I do like the black and gold highlights of this outfit, created through the belt, jewellery, shoes, jacket and bag. Its a nice way to tone down the outfit's otherwise bold colours.

I'm so looking forward for the weather to warm up a bit (a phrase I will continue to repeat until it does) so I can style these cords a little bit differently, as I think they're going to be a really great piece for summer. I also must mention that the stain on my jumper is from the breakfast I ate shortly before this photo that I knew was there when taking these pictures but couldn't get rid of (although, not to worry, its gone now). This jumper has been a great way to brighten up some of my winter outfits though. Plus, because its impossible to wear something bargainous without mentioning it, I actually picked it up in a charity shop last year for something ridiculous like £3- its originally from Zara.

Top: Charity Shop (originally from Zara, similar here)

Trousers: Topshop 

Jacket: Pull & Bear (similar here)

Bag: Zara (similar here)

Shoes: Vans