Photo by Jenny Gavan.


Welcome to Words By Alice, my little corner of the internet. Expect lots of film photography, style inspiration and book chats.

So a bit about me: I’m an undergraduate English Literature student at the University of Manchester, I have a cat called Harley who is the love of my life and I spend most of my spare time reading, shopping (aka drooling over clothes I wish I could afford) and well y’know, on the internet & social media.

I’m a fairly loud introvert and a fairly penniless student with very expensive taste; basically I’m one big mess of a paradox. But I promise that makes for some good blog posts, if a whole lot of issues for me, but hey what are the shitty times in your life good for if you can’t write about them?

If you fancy learning more about me or reading more of my words, you’re in luck! There’s a whole blog full of them. If there’s anything I haven’t covered or you don’t fancy scrolling through a ton of blog posts to find it (I won’t take it personally), or if you have any other questions or queries about Words By Alice, feel free to send me a message over on my social media (all my links are at the top of this page) or email me at aliceporter16@hotmail.co.uk.